The New W†H Occultcast

formerly known as WAYWARD WORSHIP


“An artist’s journey through the pragmatic application of disparate magickal, occult and esoteric practices that enhance and inspire the artistic process through intuition to manifestation.”


From host REVEL. KEATS ROSZ, Revelator of W†H:

Through some invocations and revelations I’ve decided to focus and streamline the podcast’s intention to document, invoke, and conjure magickal and metaphysical practices that are pragmatically employed to enhance and/or inspire the creative process . Therefore, WAYWARD (both in podcast and “company”) is now titled PragMagick ® (or The PragMagick Podcast).

Much of the same format of WAYWARD will remain (interviews, performances, etc.) but with an impetus to document the application of these strange rituals!

Though, the first PRAGMAGICK episode (SUNDAY 4/22) will feature a live discussion with PDX Tarot Diviner and Healer Erin Aquarian, music from Strange Chan and Sexy Coyote plus other esoteric and educational goodies!

My first foray into podcasting was a major passion realized.
Thanks for all the amazing guests, sharing and feedback on those two episodes! I will re-release the WAYWARD interviews under the PragMagick banner in due time.

WAYWARD WORSHIP will remain as the title of We The Hallowed ‘s live salons and community events.
Forgive this indulgent announcement for
NO GIVES A FUCK is a favorite mantra of mine!

 An Arts and Occult Podcast Hosted & Edited by


A  WE THE HALLOWED PRODUCTION: Portland, Oregon 2018